Station Houston Names Ion Smart Cities Accelerator Program Director

HOUSTON, (July 9, 2019) Station Houston, Houston’s accelerator for startup technology companies, corporate innovation and entrepreneurship, announced today the hire of Christine Galib as its Ion Smart Cities Accelerator Director. Galib is spearheading the launch of the Accelerator for Station Houston and partners, Microsoft, Intel, TX/RX Labs and the City of Houston.

The Ion Smart Cities Accelerator was announced in April 2019, with plans for the program to kick off at Station Houston’s headquarters this September. It will provide a structured curriculum and pilot opportunities for startups to develop technologies, solutions and prototypes that will focus on two of Houston’s critical needs – mobility and resiliency. Galib is overseeing the program’s launch, screening interested entrepreneurs and managing the operations and research strategies of the startups selected for the program.

Galib joins Station Houston with extensive entrepreneurial and leadership experience as the former Director of the Village School’s Entrepreneurship Diploma Program and a decade of experience in developing businesses, designing curricula, mentoring students and entrepreneurs, and implementing pilot programs. Galib also has firsthand understanding of what it takes to run a business successfully. Galib co-founded an investment group on Wall Street; founded a lifestyle management consulting firm, focusing on physical, mental, social health and wellness; and co-founded a social enterprise to close America’s wealth gap.

Over the span of her career, Galib has worked with more than 700 high-achieving student leaders, adult learners, and entrepreneurs, helping them develop their creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and wellness skills. Her students, who have enjoyed success in applying to top colleges and universities, have participated in and won Houston-based competitions as well as pitched solutions to world hunger to the United Nations and World Bank. Galib is an alumna of Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Educational Leadership, Management, Creativity, and Innovation from Drexel University. Galib was recently recognized by Houston Woman Magazine with the Wise Woman Award.

“Houston is international, resilient, and inspirational, powered by innovation, energy, and diversity that forms a strong foundation for our unique entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Galib. “I am excited to serve Houston through leveraging and creating collaborations, partnerships, and solutions to differentiate Houston as a smart city that is building for its future.”

Station Houston and Galib, along with the Accelerator’s partners, are committed to developing Houston into America’s smartest city. The Ion Smart Cities Accelerator is currently assembling its team, finalizing partners and its advisory board to begin screening applications. She is also spearheading the research and analysis of the region’s urban challenges to ultimately guide its participants’ strategies.

“Christine’s experience and passion for mentoring entrepreneurs paired with her community involvement in Houston makes her a valuable addition to the Station Houston team,” said Gabriella Rowe, CEO of Station Houston. “We are thrilled she will lead the Ion Smart Cities Accelerator and know the program’s members, and the broader Houston community, will thrive under her leadership.”

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