ISCA Team Building
Cohort 1 enjoys a team-bonding cooking class to wrap up week 1 in Houston!


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Director's Note

It is my privilege to serve as the Director of the Ion Smart Cities Accelerator. Houston is a city that is home to people with vision, energy, and enthusiasm; persistence, passion, and purpose; and curiosity, creativity, and compassion. These traits make Houston so vibrant, diverse, collaborative, and resilient. These traits are strands that weave together to create Houston’s DNA -- a DNA that yields an imaginative, innovative, and inspirational entrepreneurial ecosystem -- where not even the sky is the limit.

The Ion Smart Cities Accelerator draws its strength from this ecosystem. The Accelerator, backed by Microsoft and Intel, also benefits from the partnerships of Station Houston, which is hosting the Accelerator, and TX/RX, a nonprofit makerspace. Startups in the first cohort will leverage this support, as they tackle transportation, resiliency, and other needs, such as smart regulation of traffic lights, traffic flow, and crosswalk safety, by having the opportunity to develop digital and technology-related products and pilot initiatives in the City of Houston and the Mayor’s Complete Community Initiatives. In this way, the Ion Smart Cities Accelerator will address the needs of Houston’s people by deploying technology into the infrastructure and civic fabric that makes Houston so strong, complementing the Mayor’s efforts to connect ideas, people, and communities and making our ecosystem even more robust.

By leveraging buy-in from engaged and proactive communities, supportive City officials, and mentors from Houston-based corporations, the Ion Smart Cities Accelerator will directly connect startups with smart cities experts and the organizations and leaders that servethem. I am excited to leverage this foundation as we collaborate to build the future of Houston as a smart city. 

To stay connected, follow us @StationHouston on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram using #IonSmartCitiesAccelerator.

Be well, do good,

Christine Galib



Here's how to make Houston the smartest city in America

ChristineChristine Galib
Director, Ion Smart Cities Accelerator


Courtney Cogdill
Project Manager

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